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Medical-Grade Skincare vs Over-The-Counter

If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by labels, claims, and percentages on product bottles, you aren’t alone. How many of these statements have any truth in them? Whether a skincare product is store-bought or medical-grade, aren't they pretty much the same thing? In actuality, there is a world of difference between the two that can significantly affect the presence of those pesky wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and hormonal acne.

What makes medical-grade skincare the go-to for many is the vigorous approval process each product goes through by the FDA or the Food and Drug Association. These products must be tested (oftentimes, for years) for their efficacy, purity, and quality of active ingredients. These skincare products must be continuously regulated and can only be sold by licensed professionals. Basically? They're seriously legit.

On the other hand, while cosmetic skincare products are quite popular, their manufacturing process is swift and simple. They only have to meet a 70% purity level in their products and require no approval or need to prove efficacy standards. Even the labels on cosmetic products can often be misleading, promising to make wrinkles disappear without any evidence of doing so. While these products may smell and look nice, they're not doing much in terms of anti-aging skincare, making them a pretty but essentially pointless product.

You deserve to use skincare products that contain only the best ingredients and are proven to give real results. Moreover, you shouldn't sacrifice your natural beauty in the process. Medical-grade skincare products ensure there are no harsh chemicals or useless fillers, keeping your skin both healthy and looking as natural as ever. SkinCeuticals ticks off all of these boxes, so you know that you are getting the right nutrients your beautiful skin deserves.

Love, The Peaceful Poppy

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