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Facial Services

At The Peaceful Poppy Med Spa, we use science-backed products created by SkinCeuticals in all of our treatments. Established by a scientist and medical advisor, this company focuses on creating the highest quality skincare goods through tireless research, clinical testing, and holding themselves to strict ethical standards. 


We are proud to incorporate their skincare into our medical facials because every person who walks through our door deserves the best-individualized care we can offer. SkinCeuticals products help us achieve this.

Women’s Facial Treatment Spa In Longmont

Age-Defying Facial

Revitalize + Restore + Luminate


Dehydrated + Stressed Skin Facial

Repair + Nourish + Protect

clear skies facial

Acne Facial

Detox + Rebalance + Clear

Microderm facial

Microderm Facial

Resurface + Plump + Deep Clean

Dermaplane facial

Dermaplane Facial

Smoothing add-on to our Signature Facials

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