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One of the main health benefits of IV therapy is the powerful nutritional effect it has on creating new healthier cells.  When infused directly into your bloodstream the nutrients circumvent issues with oral administration including upset stomach, absorption issues, and loss of potency leading to quicker health results.

  • What is the recovery time?
    Your patients can resume their normal daily activities as soon as their treatment is completed. There is minimal to no downtime with an AquaFirme treatment.
  • How many treatments are required?
    Our clients can see improvement after one treatment, but a series of one to three treatments may be needed to achieve optimum results. The effects of each treatment will continue to improve.
  • What can patients expect during treatment?
    The AquaFirme treatment process is entirely non-invasive and can be applied safely on most skin types. Results show an immediate natural glow and increased skin radiance.
  • What are the AquaFirme consumables?
    AquaFirme Solution Kit Cleanse – Is a Cleansing Solution that provides a deep cleanse and hydrates the skin. Purify – Purifying Solution provides a deep cleanse and hydrates the T-Zone area of the face. Nourish – Nutrient-Rich Solution is applied following the cleansing and exfoliating process. Rinse – is a rinsing solution used post-cosmetic treatment to clean the handle and tip. *NOT a cosmetic treatment solution and should never be used on the skin. It is a cleaning solution for the handle and tip only. EXO2 Vibrox Pods – Used for exfoliation and to prepare the skin for additional nourishment. AquaFirme Bright – Is recommended for skin tone improvement. AquaFirme Fresh – Is recommended for hydrating and nourishing the skin.
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